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    Lost Ark


    Regulations ENG (RL in game)


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    1. Necessary amount of prestige for each colour every weak. If you won't reach required amount, you will have to get extra prestige next week.

    2. Presence on discord is necessary. If you can't talk, you have to be on #AFK channel

    3. Only diplomats are allowed to contact other people/houses regarding to alliances or wars.

    4. Flaming or insulting other people/houses is forbidden espcially on world chat.

    5. Flaming, insulting housemates is forbidden! Accept mistakes of others, we're one unity.

    6. Every diplomatic decision/contacts should be agreed with house liege.

    7. Don't invite people that are not members of house.

    8. Every member of our house is supposed to become acquainted with alliances and enemies list. Attacking allies will be punished.

    9. Discord name has to be same as in game nickname.

    10. Respect every decision taken by headquater.

    11. Every absence in game or on teritory wars should be reported on #_absence-tracker-?? channel.


    Weekly prestige requirence according to lvl:
    lvl 1-60 = 1+ prestige
    lvl 61-160 = 50+ prestige
    lvl 161-360 = 100+ prestige
    lvl 361+ = 150 prestige
    Every person that won't get required weekly prestige has to get additional 100 prestige next week. Getting 0 prestige might result in kick.


    Hierarchy Royal Legion


    GeneralCombo PL/ENG


    Rafatin PL/ENG
    GalahaD PL
    Tharval PL
    AsozialVR ENG


    Szef PL/ENG
    VanBlade(Bastian) PL


    Quinno PL
    Tharval PL/ENG
    HavyStar PL/ENG
    GuchuMPK PL
    rezuu PL
    ZdzisDyrman PL/ENG
    Shaaro PL


    Join US!


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